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Vanishing piece of an home

Once an important location of a home, the Thinnai (aka the front portion of an house to allow people sitting/ some times sleeping), now fast vanishing as an build item in many homes. The Thinnai (in Tamil திண்ணை) was a place where some passersby can stop by and relax from the hot & humid climates, the house owners can sit and engage in conversations with his neighbours and many more such social engagements. Now obviously vanishing, was very happy to see such an home with Thinnai in Mylapore. At a lane off Sundareswarar Street, Mylapore.

6 Comments to “Vanishing piece of an home”

  1. There used to be “Thinnai Pallikoodams” also.

    In our old house, we had two beautiful Thinnais – one made of white cement with a marble like finish and the other green with some amount of extra cement. That was a place for us to relax, play and generally enjoy. Older people used to play cards on Thinnai also known as “திண்ணை கச்சேரி”.

    Ram: You did a Kutchery out here Sathya … 😀

  2. But they still have some place to sit such as stone/concrete bench near the entrance where they remove footwear. I have seen this in almost all houses in Chennai. I said houses not flats. 🙂

    Ram: There are such concrete stuff at “Houses”, but definitely doesn’t come close to the use of Thinnai’s. (as its evident from Sathya’s comment too)


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