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God Save

Every act in this country either starts with a "Aum", "Sivamayam" ( உ ), Pillayar Suzhi written by most of the Old generation Hindu’s. (Yes, i can hear the murmur, on where we write these days, except a few emails or tweets). Its quite common among the vehicle owners / drivers too start any journey with seeking the blessing of the God’s.

Here, in this case, the Mini Van owner has seeked the blessings of Lord Muruga. Seen in front of Madhavaperumal Koil, Mylapore.

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  1. My colleague in office, puts the “உ” even whenever he writes something on any paper…. even if it is a scribble. I want to ask him if he puts that on the cheques as well… (don’t ask me where do we write cheques these days… there are still some conventional souls out there)

    Ram : Even at these days yes many start with the Pillayar Suzhi …


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