Flowers from South America

The interest in offering flowers to the gods as a prayer is quite well known about us, in that interest we get to offer flowers that are not native to this region too. Flori-culture of non-native flowers in their native climate is a good commercial venture, for many. One such example is Zinnia variety, which originates from South American countries, esp. Mexico is seen in plenty in the streets of Chennai’s flower bazaars.

3 Comments to “Flowers from South America”

  1. South American countries, esp. Mexico to our madras????
    great…any idea how much they cost?
    A nice photo, again, RamJi…
    I am able to feel that flower breeze even before this desktop 😉

    Ram : Its now indianised Mexican, so costs are like the roses ….

  2. Are these offered to the Gods? I think in our tradition, there are some flowers only offered to God. These may probably be offered to their respective Goddesses by those guys in love!

    Ram : Anubhavam Pesudhu ….


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