Like in the Dan Brown novels of fiction, there is an Obelisk in Chennai too. Is there a mystery attached to the only one remaining of the six Obelisks that were supposed to be constructed as the boundary markers of the Esplanade by the British after they took over Madras in exchange of Quebec? no one knows ….

Check for more from the Chennai’s own historian here & here.

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  1. You made me learn a new word today (Obelisk).

    Nice to see a stone that has remained in the same place even after 237 years, 2 months and 10 days.

    It would be a great adventure story if someone sets out to find the remaining five. Would you like to join me after we both retire?

    P.S.: defines Obelisk as a pyramidish pillar than a stone like the one you have captured.

    Ram : We will go in search of the rest 5 on our retirements …. 🙂 …. also this is just the plaque alone from the obelisk … will post the full length soon …

  2. Ram,

    It is accepted that the other 5 have been demolished. The fifth one was in fact pulled down as late as 1996 – it had become part of a shop wall on Badrian Chetty Street. The four others were on Popham’s Broadway, Kondi Chetty Street, Stringer Street and Lingi Chetty Street, where those streets met today’s NSC Bose Road (earlier Esplande Road)

    Check out my post at
    Also Mr. Muthiah’s article in The Hindu:

    Ram : Nandri Ayya 🙂


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