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Ramanujan Museum


… yes a museum about the Great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan in the City of Chennai. One could reach this Museum at Somu Chetty 4th lane, Kalmandapam, Royapuram. Collected and contributed by another Mathematician Srinivasan and its a part of Aviva Kalai Kazhagam.

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  1. All of us feel elated and speak something about Mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan.

    I have some feeling of pride and happiness that he lived in Triplicane and I have walked in the house where he lived when I have gone to meet my friend who lived in the same house.

    If someone who can read Tamil wants to know something more about Srinivas Ramanujan, here is a wonderful article written by Badri Seshadri of New Horizon Media (கிழக்கு பதிப்பகம்)

    Ram: Very informative, and continues to be so, this Badri .. Thanks Sathya.


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