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  1. Mehul Kamdar

    Take the car away and this street has hardly changed. The house that I was born in was a few doors away from Loansquare park on Broadway and I went to St Mary’s until the 10th grade. A lot of my old friends (virtually none of whom lives in the area anymore) used to live in these parts. Wasn’t the long white building formerly owned by Binny’s? Thank you for bringing back some lovely memories!

    PS Until the early 1970s, you could pitch stick stumps in the streets and play cricket on weekends in these parts. Through the 80s and 90s, the whole place became too crowded for this. It does look like it has reverted to the casual calm of the 70s and earlier . . .

    Ram : It’d be a “Wishful thinking” to play a game on these streets now 🙂


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