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Musk House

So the “Musk House”, “Textile Sales”, “Saffron and etc sales” “Sons to Magan” & the Blue Enamel Sign Board attracts your attention instantly. What’s amber, gorojanam, kasturi? and its connection with textiles?

Quick quiz, what’s the symbol used in the bottom most line of the bottom most picture (between Amber & Sarakugalukku).

Off Mint Street.

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  1. That is quite an intriguing sign. Although, I know Mani Shankar Devay Shop very well. One of the oldest saree shops in Tamil Nadu. This is the place where my grandmother and my mother bought their wedding sarees and recently for my sister’s wedding too. Very famous for their 9 yard silks and loyal customer 🙂

    P.S : The owner speaks very good English 🙂 What is the symbol though ? Looks like the tamil alphabet ‘shai”!

    Ram : Oh thanks for more info about the shop. Answer below ..


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