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College of engineering of Guindy, Anna University is conducting the Techno – Management festival till 24th.

What attracted me to post about this here is : Now the packaging for these college festivals have become very professional, the offerings for the sponsors & the attendees have also become interesting. For example, they now don’t call these Symposiums (yawn inducing name), but Techno- Management festival. They claim to have “noble laureate” lecture, quizzes, and 40 odd events in this festival.

Way to go Young adults ……

2 Comments to “Kurukshetra”

  1. My college life was in a Evening College. I didn’t get to participate or watch college culturals. The only entertainment was “Eve”ning while going to the college.

    Ram: I could see the adam in the eve too ………..

  2. Did you mean Tamil “அடம்” when you said “adam”? If that is the case, you are right as most eves do have this ”அடம’nt behavior :).

    Believe me, I am a married man!

    Ram: Look who’s scared


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