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The postal department in India is revamping its offering, looks et al. From selling Mutual Funds, Insurance, Speed Post, Bulk Mailing of Bills for various service providers and more …..

They also recently rejigged their Brand Logo (what you see above as a wavy structure below the words LETTER).

Now the Old post box too has changed it shape and looks (will post the old one tomorrow).

Seen at Pattulos Road, Off Anna Salai.

3 Comments to “Post it”

  1. Before I read the words Letters I thought if it was:

    a) Email box 🙂 – see the electronic style lettering of the clearance time in yellow paint

    b) Because of the same lettering, it also looked like a redesigned petrol pump especially with those black tube like wires around the box.

    Ram: Ha haa … the designer in you is peeping out Sathya.


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