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Mada Kuzhi

Mada Kuzhi (c)
Mada Kuzhi (c)

Mada Kuzhi, is an artistic expression in ancestrol homes. This hole in the wall was multi purpose, used to light a lamp in the evenings / to keep “kolam podi” the rice powder used to draw kolams outside the homes and many left to the imagination of the ladies at these homes.

Now it seems a museum piece and not seen in modern homes.

Today DailyPhoto Chennai Completes ONE YEAR.

Thanks to all who encouraged & encouraging this Photoblog about Chennai to keep it going.

2 Comments to “Mada Kuzhi”

  1. The flat culture has flattened these out.

    I think it also used to serve as a letter (posts) keeper.

    Ram: Yes that too is added to the list … i was actually waiting for you to add to this list (since you are a resident of Triplicane)

  2. Happy belated birthday – in more ways than one! Found that you’ve disabled your wall on Facebook and wasn’t able to get on to this y’day!!

    Many congratulations!!

    Ram: Thanks Shantaram, thanks for your wishes for both the reasons. I’m not sure why the wall got disabled, will fix it.


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