Tiger caves

Tiger Caves (c)
Tiger Caves (c)

Tiger caves, is close to Mamallapuram (aka Mahabalipuram) or about 5-6 kms before it while going from Chennai. There’s a shrine specific to Goddess Durga in these caves. Though its called Tiger Caves, the figure is similar to the one of Yali.

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  1. There are sculptures made even today at Mamallapuram. They also look intricate and beautiful. So I asked the sculptors there as to what is so unique about the sculptures at Mamallapuram (the “குகை கோவில்கள் / பஞ்ச ரதங்கள்”) .

    He said “today we have all the facilities for cutting, moving stones and can use machines to turn them while sculpting. The wonder of the sculptures here is that they are made from a single big rock or a small hill. The sculptors had to make those creations by bending and turning themselves or by hanging on a rope. Also they needed to be perfect or else the entire project would have to be discarded”.


    Ram: Yeah, most of the monolithic sculptures, as you said, makes these more beautiful


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