6 Comments to “Rare sight”

  1. In Florida they grow sugar cane, but not inside houses – at least that I’m aware of.

    What I do know is that lots of folks grow marijuana inside houses. Many get caught. They are stoopid!

    Ram : Ha haa … nice “Commercial” use i guess ….

  2. I am not seeing a photo here!

    With global sugar prices going up it is not a bad idea to grow sugar cane (cash crop) at home!

    Ram : I agree …. soon onion, tomato, sugarcane plants are some of the cash crops in my garden 🙂

  3. arun

    ii feel good to see this photo here…i live here…..when did u click this pic…were u not seen by any one???? i’m glad…….

    Ram : Thanks Arun. This was shot with the Home owners permission. Check his comment above … 🙂

  4. sushmi

    This is my grandma “s home and i proud to say this.thank u photographer

    Ram : Thanks Sushmi, after Hari one more from the family is happy to spot this ….


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