Final Score

This was the Final Scoreline of the 85th MCC-Murugappa Group Hockey Finals held recently at Chennai Mayor Radhakrishnan Statdium. Though it says Army XI won the finals, its doesn;t full reflect the hard fight given by BPCL and its excellent players Amar, Sabu & Ravipal.

My only concern is though Murugappa Group has been the principal sponsors for this premium hockey tournament, there’s no mention of its history or anything else in its site. Would their Corporate Communications team look into it, please.

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  1. It is rare to find a person in India having an interest and also reporting on something other than Cricket, that too of a local match. Keep it up!

    //Would their Corporate Communications team look into it, please.//

    We have to email this link to the Corporate Communications department of Murugappa Group!

    Ram : Me & My son thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace of the game and i guess i need to fwd this to the Corp Com dept of Murugappa group …..


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