Juicy Chicken

Obviously its lip smacking (except for a few grass eating vegetarians like me) for many, the chicken in full is undergoing here the transformation to light up everyone’s palate. The taste is definitely with the indian spices fully transforming the chicken to an edible & a delicacy for many.

At a fast food joint at 11th Main Road, Anna nagar.

2 Comments to “Juicy Chicken”

  1. For people who eat non-veg., sure this must be lip smacking kind with all those very Indian masalas over that meat.

    We vegetarians can’t stand eating flesh however!

    Paradoxically, when I was cutting onions yesterday, I cut one of the onions that had sprouted due to the moisture. As I cut that with the knife, I started feeling as though I killed a baby! I still feel some pain when I think that the onion had sprouted against all odds in one of the most difficult surroundings (inside a closed fridge, in low temperature). Haven’t I killed a life that fought the environment?


    Ram: But also think about the Eco Balance some times Sathya, if we leave all the trees / animals to be just like that it’ll be crowded and dense … jus a thought


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