Rs 1 Lakh

Tata Nano, the Much awaited Rs (INR) ONE Lakh car is now in the streets for last few months in India. Has an interesting design, with Petrol Filling inside the bonnet, engine on the rear-side. Its quite comfortable to get in and get out as its also a Tall-Boy design car.

The 600+ CC car is also expected to revolutionise the small car segment across the world, was seen here at Dr Alagappa Road, Near Dasaprakash.

2 Comments to “Rs 1 Lakh”

  1. Sir, onle lakh in name only … the actual cost comes up way way more than that … And it sounds like sittin in a lorry !!! 😛

    Ram : Oh it feels like a lorry? Tata makes trucks also nah!


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