No publicity

The Chennai Corporation wanted to honour me with this rare distinction, of naming a Road on me ….

i flatly refused, because of my hatred for publicity. But they insisted and offered to name atleast a street after my name.

But still i was hesitant to accept such public praise.
All for what?

Just because this immensely popular (who says? except me) DailyPhoto Chennai Blog has completed TWO years and turns THREE today.

Thanks to the support of Ladies & gentlemen like you (or me?)

Luckily i didn’t accept such moves from the Corporation.

6 Comments to “No publicity”

  1. Glad that you didn’t succumb to those small offers. You’ll grow on your own as you are doing right now.

    Congrats !! May you complete 100 years. 😀

    Ram : Yes, Nisha i didn’t succumb to such trivial offers 🙂 …. 100 years … hmm not too far …

  2. Premkumar

    Ram, That’s Wonderful! Congratulations!

    We would not be surprised even if you are asked to be a Honorary Mayor of Chennai for a day!

    Ram : Nandri Prem. Gentleman style uh! for one day Mayor !!!

  3. Time to cut the cake.

    Have you got LKG admission for Daily Photo Chennai blog? Hurry up before seats are taken up! Else you may have to admit the kid in Corporation School. You can of course wield influence showing streets named after you!


    Ram : Sathya, Since we are popular & knowledged (!?), school admissions are bye-passed and we enter College straight


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