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  1. raaid

    I went for Catamaran Ride last saturday, it was an amazing experience,
    What is Catamaran Ride?
    Remember Anjana song from the movie Yuva? Partha mudal naal from Vetayadu vilayadu? if yes you will know what this ride is. You will be taken to the sea, 2km from the shore in a Catamaran/Motor Boat with Life Jackets and you will be thrown into the sea(Optional, you can jump by yourself also) and then the sea is all yours. A life gaurd will accompany you and trust me, you cant get more than this, dont worry even if you want you cant sink, you cant swim either, all you can do is stay there in water and do all the stunts. A rope will be there for you to hold, so its all safe.
    Catamaran Ride in Chennai:
    In Chennai, Pleasant Trip offers this, only members. If want to go personal trip may charge around Rs.500 + taxes (total 560 /head)
    I am a member in Pleasant Trip I paid only Rs.350/- with taxes
    Time: 2 and ½ hour
    Facilities: Bath/Change rooms and people are available to take care of your belongings
    Best Time: 4 to 5
    Available time: 9 to 5
    If You Want Food PLS Inform
    You need to call them one day in advance to book your slot.
    Name : SHEIK MP
    Or call : 9444260500
    1. Carry Camera/cell – you can give it to the life Gaurd, I missed this
    2. Even if you know swimming, forget it, you cant do anything there, just enjoy.:
    Dont miss it


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