Count the Indians

Census originates from the Latin word Censere, which means estimate. The National Census of 2011 in India would become the biggest Census in the history of mankind. The idea of census started to find the number of fit males in Rome for Military service and spread across for various reasons.

This notice, in tamil, announces the need for census and participation when the enumerators knock the doors of an home in your neighbourhood.

Check more about the Census of India and about 2011 census here & here.

2 Comments to “Count the Indians”

  1. T.P.Anand

    I hope they do a proper count of all the people. I heard that in 1980 the census results were scrapped because they forgot to count the 1.5 lakh people who were involved in the Census work.

    Ram : Though it sounds hilarious, its downright stupid …. by a govt dept.


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