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“This post is part of the blog tag titled, The CBC Tablog where CBC stands for Chennai Bloggers Club. About 35 bloggers from Chennai are participating in this blog tag where everyone will write about their favourite city Chennai and what it means to them. So here’s my post for the CBC tablog titled, What Chennai Means To Me.”

… for me One post is never enough to write about Chennai (did i say its my Favourite city, Obviously …, when i have a blog ONLY about it). Its a city that is never liked in an instant like an AR Rahman song, the city grows in you and becomes tough to separate from oneself. Its a city that allows me to be who i am, one can be casual to do anything you like from a visit to a Ramakrishna Mutt to a Park Pasha to a Tholkappia Poonga. The Cliches as also the Unexpected exist, the Culture is still intact, the Modern side has space. What more!!

My interpretations of the city in a single Picture.

Preceding Blog of Rajiv and his Mokkai

Succeeding Blog of Sahithya, who writes to the Rythm of the heart and thoughts of the mind.!!! and also loved gifts n surprises & who loves to be herself.

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  1. You could have added a couple of your favorite photos on Chennai (from the archives) along with this post no? It might be useful for new readers. Anyway, your header says a lot about the city. BTW, is one allowed to go inside the Tholkappia poonga? I thought entry was restricted to school students on excursions.

    Destination Infinity

    Ram : I could have added a few 100’s of photos when i talk about Chennai πŸ™‚ … Tholkappia Poonga is only accessible for school students

  2. This had the Ram’s touch. Sorry, late here but made it sooner than I had imagined. Where is Rajinikanth πŸ™ Well, guess oldies like MGR better πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the participation in the Blog tag.

    Joy always,

    Ram : Thanks Teacher ..


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