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65 on 65


… Laundry list of 65 goodies shared by the Chief Minister, is listed out on a poster for her 65th Birthday celebrations. Spotted on a wall in School Road, Chetpet.

P.s. : An Exercise for those who can read Tamil, Pls list the Goodies as comments for this post.

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  1. 1. Giving cow donation to temple
    2. Two wheeler for Party brothers (literal translation)
    3. Tailoring machine for Party families
    4. Cupboard for temple
    5. Tri cycle for party brothers
    6. Gold ring for party brothers :
    7. Try cycle for the handicapped
    8. Artificial leg for the handicapped
    9. Cycle for party friends
    10. Gold earrings for party sisters
    11. money for the flower vendors (ladies)
    12. Helping Lanka Refugees (in kind)
    13. Prize for the kolam contest for women
    14. Annadhanam in temples
    15. Computer tables for college students
    16. TV for orphanages
    17. Fans for orphanages
    18. Pressure cooker for women
    19. Iron box for the poor families
    20. Gold nosepin for party sisters
    21. Umbrella for party friends
    22. Kunguma chimizh for women
    23. Wall clock for schools
    24. Idli cooker for party women
    25. Water pot for party women
    26. Prize for chess contest
    27. Free eye check up camp
    28. Free blood donation camp
    29. Donating hearing aids
    30. Cash help for kids with heart ailments
    31. Stick for the blind
    32. Dhoti for party members (hidden by crow)
    33. Free eye glasses
    34. Rain coat for poor workers
    35. Saree for poor women
    36. Uniform for auto drivers
    37. Suitcases for children reformation schools (pardon my crazy translation)
    38. Bedsheets for Old age homes
    39. Prize for cricket competition
    40. Plant 650 trees
    41. Donate 650 tender coconut plants (??)
    42. Horlicks for patients in govt hospitals
    43. Tool kit for electricians
    44. Plastic buckets for orphanages
    45. Funds for 65 party members
    46. Waste paper baskets for public
    47. Pillows, mats for Orhpanages

  2. 48. School bag for students
    49. Geometry box for students
    50. Plates and glasses for orphanages
    51. Exam pad, pencil, pen, eraser for students
    52. Football competition prizes
    53. Bedsheets for orphanages (boys)
    54. Table chair for orphanages
    55. Tee shirts for party members
    56. Watch for party members
    57. Help for kids in govt orphanages
    58. Tool kit for Two wheeler workers (??)
    59. Education support for poor boys
    60. Help and support for poor living on the streets
    61. Tasty food for children’s homes
    62. Help for Mentally challenged patients
    63. Tasty food for old age homes
    64. Help for people living in huts
    65. Carrom contest prizes

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