Graffiti …. poster

The other form of Graffiti is the posters from various parties, political parties, death or birthday remembrance, movies, magazines, new store launches et al are some of the few reasons to print a poster and paste it in the walls of the city.

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  1. RamN

    Kris, This one is demanding an arrest of a College principal. Unfortunately they don’t remove them …. normally left to the city corporation authorities to clean / remove these …… or the next guy who wants to paste one more poster removes the earlier one and pastes the new one.

  2. Unfortunately, governments and politicians do not think their stuff is political or graffiti so they tolerate it. Here we have people erect small signs at voting times and they usually say something like “Vote for Mr. Smith” and so on, but then after the election is over Mr Smith never comes by to pick up his sign. That to me is like SPAM.

  3. At least the cows come around and “help” take these signs down with their tongues! :>)

    RamN: Yes i forgot that unique help to the city bred cows by these wall posters … thanks for pointing it out on behalf of these animals 😀


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