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  1. I love all the different colors of the drinks in this shot. Was there a mango juice in the stack by any chance? Whenever I go to my favorite indian restaurant, I try and get a mango juice — it’s so tasty!

    Ram : Yes there is Mango juice in this lot, but a bottled one. There’s also raw mangoes in the see through bucket. The Mango juice or the Mango pulp from a specific state of Gujarat in India (called “Aam Ras” ) is the most tasty proposition. I’m glad u enjoyed this visually …… 😀

  2. Very nice. We also have stores like that along the road here in the Philippines. This photo makes me crave a fruit juice this instant. You managed to capture what may seem as mundane scene and make it something else.

    Ram : Thanks for the inspiring words, Layrayski. Will strive to add more to this Weblog on Chennai.


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