Bags Bags Bags …. everywhere

With the schools reopened, the bag sales will be brisk for some more time.  As you can see the shop’s merchandise as changed fully to school goers related stuff like school bags, shoes etc. Though cluttered looking, i still like the way its displayed and inviting for any kid to check them out first for their wares.

3 Comments to “Bags Bags Bags …. everywhere”

  1. Very charming. This “back-to-school” time is an exciting moment for my nephew as well. I showed your picture to him and let him realize that there are million of children having similar feeling around the world!

    Ram : That is lovely Harry, hope your nephew enjoyed like my son did 😀

  2. This sight looks familiar. Here in Bandung too, sales of school bags and stationeries will be brisk for a while at the beginning of school academic calendar – July.

    Ram : Looks like this is the time across the world for the kids to be “back to school” and involved in buying spree ….. 🙂 Thanks for the visit and comment Eki Akhwan !


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