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A slice of malaysia …..

Chennai is getting introduced to various international cuisines these days, Pelita Nasi Kandar is a Malaysian speciality restaurant. The meaning of Nasi Kandar, is supposed to be, Rice (Nasi in Malay) and Yoke (Kandar in Malay) and this is a traditional dish with the origins from Indian Muslims.

I’ve just had the crushed ice with ice cream and others don’t suit my taste buds because of the Non-veg content. πŸ™‚

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  1. hey yea me been to tht place totally agree it has tht nonveg smell allover th place including the veggie dishes ..
    nice to meet a fellow foodie from chennai πŸ™‚ i write reviews on u can chek it out and write ur reviews too …

    u got an awesome blog here keep writing πŸ™‚ n hey chek my blog too at

    Ram : Great Swarna, been following you in Burrp. Will check out your weblog too…. thanks for dropping by & your lovely comments.

  2. With branches all over Asia when you got to eat look for one of these places. I bet it is more popular than Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Ram : Yes Abraham, and there more to come in this weblog about these eateries ….. watch out

  3. The place kind of grows on you… I believe etymologically ‘kandar’ is closer to ‘shoulder’ – so the man with the rice bags across his shoulder would sit down and light a ‘pelita’ – a small candle! At least that was the story I was told the first time at PNK, many many moons ago!

    Ram : Thanks for more light Shantaram …..


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