Haggle aka Autorickshaws

Some of you might recall my earlier post on the Autorickshaws (Auto’s in short) in Chennai. I had the opportunity to catch a live scene of a passenger and the driver haggling over the price before she boards.

Beware and keep your management techniques ready for an hard negotiationwhen hiring these guys in Chennai aka Madras.

4 Comments to “Haggle aka Autorickshaws”

  1. ha ha! you should try being a foreigner and haggle with these guys! it’s quite an experience. I have to say – travelling by rikshaw was my favorite mode of transportation & once I learned what the prices SHOULD be, haggling was kind of fun. :>)

    Ram : I can completely visualise & empathise the fun you might have had haggling while in Chennai, Rachel.

  2. I know we way overpaid our rickshaw drivers while we were there. But that didn’t bother me at all because I knew they were just trying to make a living. We really liked both of them…even took them into the snake park with us so they weren’t waiting out in the parking lot for us!

    Ram : Thats a fresh thought & very humane to treat them as a fellow human than a driver. Hats off! 😀


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