Couroupita guianensis or Cannon Ball tree

Yes that’s the botanical name & the common name of our own “Nagalinga Poo”. Couroupita guianensis (Cannon Ball tree) or the Nagalinga poo is offered to Lord Shiva and has a very pleasant fragrance. This tree was found in the “Nandhavanam” or the garden of the Karaneeswarar Temple in Saidapet. Also read this interesting post about this tree / flower etc here.

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  1. jenny

    Hi, Ram…
    I really thank god for your effort to take and publish the picture of this lovely flower. I have been searching around for this. May Lord Shiva bless you with all thegood things for you. I would be very happy to receive more articles about this flower. If you have, you may email it to me at the stated email address.

    Thank you.

  2. Arthi

    There are plenty of these flowers in full bloom in Singapore. My mother said she had not seen it in 50 years! ( She is visiting us from Bangalore. I can share some photos if you would like that. Let me know !

    Ram: Take your mother across to Chennai, i could show her many blooming in lotsa places.


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