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Helmet or no


The excuses are a plenty to give for not wearing an Helmet, could be it sweats, i loose hair, inconvenient to carry, unable to hear honks etc.

But the excuse to wear one is simple, IT SAVES life.

Rule or not, Law passed or not, Wear Helmet while riding your two wheeler.

4 Comments to “Helmet or no”

  1. Eki

    some people do that too here. sigh … i wish they knew how much difference it would make about wearing a helmet when it comes to life saving.

    Ram: Yes, Eki, its so painful & irritating to see these guys ….

  2. may be helmets should have high definition 3d video and 7.1 channel surround sound with air-conditioning.

    but i do agree that with a restricted field of view and sound, there is that much less data to process the surroundings on. So the change might be difficult at first, but then it is worth one’s life.

    Ram: that’s an amazing idea Rahul, but our guys will get distratced by that too and add one more reason to crash.


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