Herbal Medicines @ INR 20/=


Tamil Translation : “Maharishi Tamil Herbal Treatment” For Head Aches, Hair Loss, Piles (not too sure about the other two), for Men & Women we give Herbal medicines, appointments & consulting fee Rs 20/=.

Probably they could list all ailments in this board … 🙂 & What’s tamil as a language got to do in treatments?

My fetish for these Sign boards to continue ….. 😉

One Comment to “Herbal Medicines @ INR 20/=”

  1. wow where is this place looks familiar to me! .. i wud love to try it with the amt of pain and aches and illness i ve in m body rite now! 20 bucks cud cure everythign eh!

    Ram: At Vadapalani, Swarna. Looks a too good an offer … can’t resist


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