A poster across chennai


Like the P James Magic Graffiti adorning many chennai Walls, this one could also spring up across various Electricity Junction Boxes, BSNL Junction Boxes. Claiming to cure Fistula and related diseases / illness. Interesting aspect is the same design is used but just the Doctor’s name changes and most of them are Bengali’s. Any ideas?

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  1. Well said, anywhere around anna univ campus one could see that ditch. I even though of calling that number. He gives a damn. I ll someday call him for sure….

    Ram: Ha haa …. let us know after you make the call 🙂

  2. triplicani

    Do you know that this communication is very cheap and very effective? I have tried it when we were running a website and wanted to popularise its free email service. We got a very amount of new registrations even though these posters get defaced quite fast as new posters like these get pasted over these within days.

    We have seen such advertisement for even computer coaching (JAVA, AUTOCAD, TALLY etc.)

    Your photo blogging is interesting. You see things with a blog perspective I guess and a picture speaks a million words they say.


    Ram: Thanks for your words Sathya. Yes even NIITs etc resort to such ideas.

  3. santhosh

    Hi Nice blog and good stuff too…

    I would like to know that, which typing tool are used by Bengali blogers for typing in Bengali….?

    Recently, when I was searching for the user friendly Indian Language typing tool and found “quillpad”. do you know about it…? are they using the same….?

    Ram: Thanks Santosh, Bengali …? hmmm … hang on … will see if someone knows.


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