Fresh Veggies (c)
Fresh Veggies (c)

The Fresh Veggies are normally found closer to Bus stops, Railway stations and especially in the evenings to catch the attention of office returnees. Normally thats the time most working folks buy the vegetables for the next day’s meal.

Seen here are some literally fresh and juicy cauliflowers and Kodamilaga’s (forgot the anglicised name for same, pls help).

4 Comments to “Flower?”

  1. Ram,

    Cauliflowers I love them. Nothing to beat hot boiled cauliflower with little salt and pepper while watching a TV Serial or cricket match.

    As regards “KodaMilaga” – Capsicum is the word. A literal translation could be “Umbrella Chilly” (hope this is not silly!)

    Ram: How silly i am … and forgot Capsicum ….
    Also the same cauliflower made like bajji’s as a snack is also brilliant one …

  2. Clara McIver

    In the US we would call these green bell peppers so long as they have pepper flavor and are not ‘hot’ tasting. Grocers sell imported ones from Holland (Netherlands) in lovely colors like red, orange or yellow.

    I also love cauliflower (cooked or raw) dipped in a tasty sauce.

    Ram: Oh i’ve seen (occasionaly) some coloured imported ones here too. Will have to experiment the cooked cauliflowers with some tasty sauce too. Tks Clara


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