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Tulasi Maadam

Tulasi Maadam (c)
Tulasi Maadam (c)

Tulasi, the two varities famous here are the Green leaved (Lakshmi Tulasi) & Purple leaved (Krishna Tulasi) has medicinal and mythological power, as believed.

Normally many households have a “maadam”(மாடம் in Tamil) which houses the tulasi plants for worship.

Needless to say, the practise is vanishing.

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  1. We had one in our own house, permanently cemented to the ground.

    Thulasi maadam is vanishing as you have rightly said but I have seen “Lakshmi Tulasi” in the balcony of the flats in a plant pot (பூந்தொட்டி?).

    It sure has great medicinal power. Taking water with Thulasi leaves in them makes the water tastier. In temples the holy water given to devotees contains Thulasi leaves besides cardamom.

  2. Tulsi devi kijay, beautiful looks in a good conditiën Tulasi or the holy Basil is the common name She is worshipped here in holland also with a lot of prairs but a question, or a remark I was in the understanding that it is the manjari color what makes the different white flowers or manjari and there also a purple color. And a nice thing to quote is that the name by the vaisnava here are differen then you wrote one the white colour is Balarama and the other purple one is Krishna. in Holland the netherlands when the leaves are purple the plant is ill reason the ph or ground is poor on phospor, for a plant in Singapor tryto get some seed, from a Hindu community ohm shanti hari greetings Pieter Franciscus

  3. Today I learnt something new about Tulsi, watching Sun TV. They are showing a serial on Lord Ganapati. In that, Ganapati wows not to get married. Tulsi goes to Ganapati asking him to marry her when Ganapati is in deep meditation.

    In anger, Ganapati denouces her and says henceforth she would never come near to Ganapati.

    That, it seems, is the reason why no Tulsi offering is made at Ganapati temples!

    Ram : Thanks Swami Tulsiananda err .. Sathya


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