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Alliance Company

Alliance Co (c)
Alliance Co (c)

The Publishing house started in 1901 by V Kuppaswami Iyer, stands among the commercial establishments in the R K Mutt Road, in Mylapore. They’ve won various awards for their publishing house. They’ve also ran a magazine called Viveka Bhodini for 24 years till 1932.
Currently run by his grandson, they now publish writings of Cho Ramaswamy, Devan, Anuthma, Javer Seetharaman, Sivakumar and many.

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  1. I do not know if you have noticed. Many old name boards are on strong steel sheets and have white letters on blue background.

    My grand father was having a stainless steel utensils shop many years back and there was on such name board lying in our house for very long time.

    Even the street signs mounted on the street corner house walls used to have white fonts over same blue back ground.

    Ram: Yes Sathya, and almost all of them still stand good too 🙂


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