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Poster Free

Wall Posters
Wall Posters

Last June, the state government announced a grand plan for keeping the three main arterial roads (namely Anna Salai, Kamarajar Salai & EVR Periyar Salai) Poster free. They announced the same again this month that they’ll implement it with vigour.

Waiting to see these posters masking the street names, landmarks, or on almost every stationery object to be FREE from this menace.

4 Comments to “Poster Free”

  1. T.P. Anand

    Why cant the Government place a large billboard at every street corner and allow the posters to be put there. They can appoint a person to collect a fee like they have done for the parking lots.

    Ram: Not a Bad idea, now with the Billboards also removed and going to be regularised, right time for the posters too.

  2. Government can start a website exclusively for posters and banners and public can come and click to see the banners.

    For those without computer and internet, they can make this facility available at corporate offices and village panchayat offices.


    Ram: I still think there cud be a common wall in each street, which is the official poster space ….


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