4 Comments to “People, Week 24”

  1. Real poor fellows. In these days of Auto rickshaws and motorized rickshaws these manual ones are almost extinct.

    If these guys are in the Sowcarpet area they might more likely transport parcels than people!

    We see some of these in Triplicane used by older woman and the service providers are also quite old people.

    There was a time when these rickshaws were hand pulled (I have sat on those in my childhood) and it was the current Chief Minister Karunanidhi who gave Cycle Rickshaws (the one’s that are in the photo) to all those hand-rickshaw pullers in 1971 or 72.

    Ram: Oh … Nice trivia about rickshaws, Sathya. Nandri.

  2. I was looking to see some photos of the Chennai rains.

    Disappointed to not find any. Please relax the one photo a day for this special event (rains in Chennai IS a special event) and put more than one photo or upload an album on Picasaweb and give URL here.

    Ram: On Popular Demand … Rule relaxed … and more to come … 🙂 (not rains, but pics)


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