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Glorious 155 Years

TTV Higher Sec School 1

…. this school at Mint street has seen 155 years of service and that many children passing through them to go on to higher studies. Some of their alumnae are Vallalar, Dr S Thanickachalam and many more.

But this school currently is in a bad shape due to their inabilities to raise funds and sustain the running of the school by their trust. So as a result from 2500 students at its peak now the strength is 350 odd students. Hopefully their alumnae will come together and see their Alma mater tide the difficult times.

The other view, of the school.
TTV Higher Sec School 2

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  1. If you find time, please do click a photo of The Hindu Higher Secondary School on Big Street, Triplicane (saffron color building). It is also nearly 150+ years old.

    Coming back to TTV School, in the 150 years since it was established, the neighborhood has obviously changed a lot. This school clearly appears fully short on security aspects (remember the Kumbakonam School Fire).

    Ram: Who said i dont have The Hindu High School Picture πŸ™‚ … soon to be released. I also see the point you are making about the fire exits ….but many establishments in very densely populated areas are similar, so urban planning need to take effect


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