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Kali Mark

Kalimark is a brand of Kali Aerated Water Works in India, especially Tamil Nadu. This represents the change in tastes in rural parts of India to the Urban Chennai.

Though they have brands like Bovonto, Trio & Frutang, they never are in great sales against the Giant Colas like Coke or Pepsi’s in many cities like Chennai.

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  1. raj

    ohhhh…..please post some pics of goli sodas too, specially paneer & orange. thanks !
    with marble and without and the technique of opening it….forgot which finger is used commonly to hammer it down with….

    i think goli soda bottles was the fore runner to grolsch beer bottles…

    Ram: Will definitely look for the Goli Sodas and post it here …. thanks for the trivia about Grolsch beers ….


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