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Bank for Knowledge

… or is it a bank for Education?

M V Book Bank is one of the few initiatives for bringing books to the reach of students, who always have to end up buying new / costly books. This bank allows members (the students) to borrow from them the books for their academics and references. They cater to Engineering stream students predominantly and cater to the universities & their syllabus to more universities of South India.

This is their office in Big Street, Triplicane.

4 Comments to “Bank for Knowledge”

  1. Ravi

    Long back in the eighties, there used to be a “Rajasthan Youth Association” near mint street – Parry’s corner, I used to go there to collect books for my sisters. I hope that still exists.

    Ram : I heard RYA and its book bank exists even now …. nostalgia …

  2. M.V.Book Bank uh…?
    this is really a great book bank once you register with them then you can have access to almost all sort of books , this book bank offers really a quality service

    Ram : Thanks for the info, TS.

  3. T.P.Anand

    I was a member of Rajasthan Youth Association and took the books during my school days (more than 30 years ago) and now my twin sons are taking their engineering books for the last 2 years from M.V.Book Bank. This is commercially run organisation and Rajasthan Youth Association is a non-profit service organisation which gives books for free.

    Ram : Welcome back Anand, yes RYA is a service orgn in this field and being in service quite a few years now.

  4. djharan

    An active member of this book bank…. 🙂 hard to find local authors here but a nice one place. … (p.s:hard to study in foreign authors…so always local authors are the saviours…)

    Ram : You bet …


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