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Swadeshi Stores

Swadeshi Movement was a clear Economic movement to decontrol the British, when they were ruling India, from the Economic power they wielded over the country before Independence. Swadeshi = Self Sufficiency.

Popular Swadeshi Stores is an Old Garment showroom at Triplicane connected to that movement Pre_independence.

(Need Sathya / TP Anand, to throw some more light about the background of this store.)

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  1. This photo rekindles memories. Popular Stores is how we used to refer this textile shop and it is the preferred destination for purchase of traditional wear such as Veshti, Angavastaram etc. If there is a religious event in Triplicane, you can count that the family has made some purchase at Popular Stores. People visit the store during the Sabarimalai Season as well.

    This is also the place to visit if you are offering Veshti – Pudavai for Parthasarathy Temple.

    I think this store has now been taken over by the North Indian family who runs Queen Silk House which is diagonally opposite of Popular Store.

    Interestingly, Popular Store these days is also selling dress material. I bought one set from them during my visit to Chennai in March 2010 and got the same stitched during my recent visit. The material was very good.

    Ram : Dependable info’s when it comes to Triplicane

  2. T.P.Anand

    We used to buy all our clothes only from Popular Stores in those days. I remember from 1969 till 1980 all my clothes were purchased from this store. My favourite Double Net shorts was purchased from this store. This was a very popular store in those day true to its name. The store was run in those days by two brothers and i distinctly remember their faces. A very traditional shop with very reasonable prices. It was a household name in Triplicane as they had a very good market share in those days. I have not been to this shop since 1980….

    This store was also one of the landmarks in Pycrofts Road as it is a very long road. The other landmarks in Pycrofts Road those days were Murali’s Cafe, Bata, Pandian Studio, Sabari Tea Stall

    Ram : Thanks TP for the info …

    1. Anand,

      Pycrofts Road also had these famous landmarks,

      1. Dhanalakshmi Stores (Building owned by Gurubatham Mudhali who was considered a big dada in those days)

      2. Vanitha Studio

      3. A corporation library in the corner of Pycrofts Road – Big Street

      Ram : Ada ada .. Pramadham … More feed for me and my camera …

  3. sivakumar

    It is true that popular stores has been taken over by the queens silks.Two persons who worked in popular stores for a long time, have opened a small shop near adyar ananda bhavan in the same road.They are maintaining the traditions of the popular stores,selling quality clothes at affordable prices.

    Ram : So much accurate info’s pouring in, Thanks Siva.


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