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India’s favourite

India’s most favourite god. The Indians love Ganesha, Vinayaka, Vignesha, Gajendra, Gajanana, Pillayar, Ganapathy and in many other the God with an elephant head.

Shot this at a friend’s house, who had a Ganesha Kolu (like a Navarathri Kolu) at Mylapore. (I loved this pose)

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  1. So cute! Mylapore tank side is abuzz with these dolls.. The whole street was so colourful.. Especially , the park items ..They are very innovative this year…

    Ram : Should have originated from there only … shot this very close to Sanskrit College …

  2. Jayaram

    Really great pose by Ganesha. His vehicle Rat uncle is also in good pose. Specially made for your camera. Great find and Woderful shot

    Ram : Thanks for your comments Jayaramji


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