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  1. Thanks for capturing our Institute. India needs more and more Chartered Accountants and we have a shortage of Chartered Accountants given the huge number of companies and other establishments in the country.

    Ram : But the supply is controlled as per demand i guess for CAs.

  2. A place that we used to frequent on regular basis during 1984 to 1987. The most memorable day for me at this institute was seeing my CA Final results (even though I knew the result one day before itself, thanks to a call given by our Senior Partner from New Delhi).

    That was exhilarating stuff with so many aspirants there; those who had seen the results either sad or joyous, those who knew the results from the time they wrote the exam nonchalent and those who cleared the exam joyous and the ones who expected to do well but failed having disappointment write large over their face.

    Ram : Hmmmm … Nostalgia i see …


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