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  1. He may well be able to cure alcoholism with a few herbs.

    But, I will not be finding out. I would hate to try the “cure” and find out that it failed and I was off on another bender. And, all that he could say was “oops, my bad”. And there goes 20 years of sobriety down the drain.

    And for anyone wondering if they are an alcoholic, here is my feeling about my disease. I would rather go thru life believing that I have the disease and be wrong than to go back to drinking and find out that I really am an alcoholic and my peace of mind, sobriety and all the other stuff gone.

    I know that AA is not the only way to get sober but I know it is the only way for me.

    Like Wayne Dyer says “this is my way, that is your way, the way does not exist”.

    Life is as good as I allow it to be.

    Ram : Yes Happiness is a choice Dave. Well thought & expressed well by you here.


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