once in a RED moon


An unique way to serve the water melon juice, at Hotel Sennthur opp Spencer Plaza, Anna Salai.

They also were serving something unique called “Butter Curd” shots. Ordered it and later realised they were “Bitter Gourd” shots served like your tequila shots in their Health Combo. Hmmm … was not bad though.

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  1. Water Melon juice has some what become a rage amongst the health conscious. I have seen it getting ordered in many of my business luncheon meetings.

    Do they serve “Bitter curd” 🙂 with a pinch of salt to lick from between the bridge of thumb and index finger? (That is how I think Tequila is taken; knowledge gained seeing Pudhukottailirundhu Saravanan, Dhanush starrer)

    Ram: Yes Sathya, they serve with salt. I’m amazed by your capacity for retention of knowledge from an obscure movie. 😉

  2. Although I have not been able to get around the City Daily Photo Blogs as much as I would have liked these past few months, especially since the last heart attack, I’d like to drop in at this time to wish you and your family the very best wishes for Christmas.

    From Curly at South Shields Daily Photo.

    Ram: Thanks and wish you the same Curly.


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