A Family Portrait


A family portrait of “Common Langur” at the Vandalur Zoo.

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Vandalur is fairly well maintained zoo in the city outskirts, the zoo got moved from the erstwhile location behind the Central Railway station some years back.Β  They do captive breeding and have a large variety of species in the zoo.

Lots of shade to walk around hence the sun will not bother one while going around, just have to book the Lion Safari much earlier to get a time slot for one while you enter the zoo. They have battery operated vehicles to also move around for the old, disabled & “its-tough-for-me-to-roam-around” varieties of two legged species.

(soon the various poses of the lovely white tiger from the zoo here on DPC)

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  1. It appears that you have to go to a Zoo these days to meet human beings.

    Hope Andrew Symonds is not seeing this photo. He might get angry for publishing his family without his permission.

    Read these funnies:



    Ram: Ha haa ….. i sincerely hope Symonds doesnt read this and definetley doesnt think its about him or his phamily πŸ˜‰


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