Poster, Yellow, Theme day

Wall Poster (c)
Wall Poster (c)

Wall posters are the common way of publicising the movies in the city. One such poster for a recent movie release (dubbed from Telugu language) adorning the wall.

Also today happens to be the theme day at City Daily Photo portal (though i’m not participating in the Theme day), you could
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9 Comments to “Poster, Yellow, Theme day”

  1. What a great and very different choice for today’s Theme. I really like it. That lady has the bIGGEST eyes – just amazing.

    Ram: The eyes … yes are really powerful ……

  2. Nice yellow theme photo for someone not participating in theme day!

    Ram: I did join the CDP Theme day Jacob …. u’stood that the new rule enables us to join instantly …

  3. Sorry for the previous comment which was the result of a momentary indescretion. this is a movie which is outrageously funny because of the title song that keeps playing all throughout. us roommates love it so much that we have been playing it as our suprabhatam ever since. Here it is for the benefit of everyone

    Ram: Was scared seeing your 1st comment 🙂 ………

  4. JC

    Guess the actress face is covered with turmeric powder, right?

    I have posted yellow orchids for Theme Day. You are most welcome to visit my blog.Wish you a lovely weekend!

    Ram: Perfect .. yes its the turmeric … will check out Subang now ….


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