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Wellness (c)
Wellness (c)

The awareness among many youngsters on keeping them fit is very high these days. They tend to use the neighbourhood Gyms, corporation ground Gyms or the affordable use the branded chains of Gyms and many use the parks for exercising / walking / jogging et al.

After a good sweat, they grab a small talk in front of a nearby tea shop …. one such scenario at Triplicane.

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  1. Ram,

    Where did you snap this picture in Triplicane? There is a Gym on Pycrofts (Bharati) Road to which my second son goes.

    He was 88 kgs two months back. Determined to reduce his weight to 55 kgs has already reached 68 kgs following HMV (his master’s voice).

    He has become so health conscious that it has become very sickening for us 😉

    Ram: I’m not sure about where exactly this gym is … but these guys where sitting next to your Car street and said the gym was closeby.


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