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Boy scout

Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts

The Scouting movement aimed at supporting young people in their Physical, Mental & Spiritual development, so that they play a constructive role in their societies.
The Bharat Scouts and Guides, formed by 1908 in India is multi branched across various states. They are also the recipients of the UN’s honorary peace messengers in 1986, for their contributions.
As of 2004 they have close to 36 lakhs of Scouts & Guides in their ranks across India.

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  1. I was also a scout when I was doing 8th standard for about an year. Participated in what they called a jamboree where scouts and guides from other parts of the country congregate.

    It is a very interesting movement and in Chennai we had the scout training at Wenlock Park, Chennai, headquarters for Scouts and Guides movement in Chennai (

    I do not know the current status of the said park, post construction of the Triplicane Metro station.

    Ram: So much of history gets faded away with new developments …. like INTACH there should be more fighting to restore and avoid knock off of Heritage.

  2. T.P. Anand

    I was in Bharat Scout from 1974 to 1978. It was a great experience and i learnt quite a lot from this movement. I even went on treking and camping which was a new experience for me at that time and at that age. This picture has taken me back into history and it is a pleasant memory.


    Ram: Great Anand, my sis was with Guides and many of us get immersed in Nostalgia quickly seeing these i guess …

  3. Forgot to mention here that in Scouts & Guides, we shake hands only with our left hand and that also with only three middle fingers enclosing the others hand extended in the same with thumb and little finger (hope I have been able to describe it properly)


    Yes, nostalgia.

    Ram: Interesting Trivia …..

  4. i am really surprise to see my group “patel scout & guide group” photo
    thanks to ram &aditya

    Ram : Thanks Ramesh … all the best to your group. I clicked these kids when they visited the Old Jail near Central before it got demolished and when it was open to public before demolition.


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