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Egmore station & its passenger amenities
Egmore station & its passenger amenities

Chennai Egmore Railway station, boasts of new passenger amenities in its premise. This is a chart which says what are all the amenities in the station. The station is 101 years old now.

Hope they are maintained well & usable for the passengers in need.

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  1. T.P.Anand

    I have seen this board in Egmore Railway Station. Though they call it Map it does not really direct you to the exact location of each amenity. It is more a compliance with some ISO requirement. The board also is placed at an awkward position and there are so many auto rickshaws and also some steel railing/fencing which prevents you from getting closer to the board to read the contents clearly. Anyway it is a good attempt in a positive direction by the Railways….

    Ram: As you said, its a good attempt in +ve direction ….


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