Is it made in heaven?

Marriages are supposedly made in heaven. Oh all married people ignore this comment, just a trap for the Single & Happy because you can’t allow them to be that way right!!
From the marriages among relatives to marriages helped by arrangers to love marriages to many other facets of marriage assembly services, now the new trend is Online Matrimonial Websites. But still the marriage bureau’s for specific sub-caste’s do exist and thrive to do business. Like this one for "Nadars Only" Marriage bureau at PH road near Garden Hotel, Pursawalkam.

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2 Comments to “Is it made in heaven?”

  1. Marriages are made in Heaven – I can vouch for it. Even people in hell go to heaven to get married.

    Whether you go the heaven from earth or hell to get married, you are sure sent back in a “family” bus to a place that is sandwiched between hell and heaven (த்ரிசங்கு சொர்க்கம்).


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