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தமிழ் Signs

With the recent G.O from the Tamil Nadu government (or is it only Chennai Corporation?) all shops and establishments needs to have a Tamil Sign compulsorily along with its current signboard. And this too should not be a literally written in Tamil, but should be a Tamil translation.

See what happens to a Coffee Grinder, it becomes Kulambiathool Vanigam (குளம்பியாதூள் வணிகம் ) ….

3 Comments to “தமிழ் Signs”

  1. T.P.Anand

    They had this rule some years back and looks like it is coming back again.

    …….& co will be “……..மற்றும் ஏநயர்”

    TVS & Sons will be “……….மற்றும் பிள்ளைகள்”

    King Size Cigarette will be “அரசர் அளவு வெண் சுருட்டு”

  2. It’s nice to see Tamil signboards..Atleast in this way we can learn some Tamil …But some shops have translated words ‘literally’ which is very funny to read.. Like the blue bros optics to “Nila Sagodharar Kannadigal”…

    Ram : Blue bros = neela sagodharargal 😀


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