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Wesley Church

Wesley Church (c)
Wesley Church (c)

The Collage of Pictures of “Wesley Church” at the Egmore junction. this 104 year old church founded in 1905 by the Methodists is now part of Church of South India (CSI).

An impressive architecture and amazing natural lighting is the specialty of this church. Since i’d gone during the sunday mass, couldn’t click any pictures of their interior, which i’ll do soon and post here.

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  1. Wesley, is my middle name and my grandfather’s middle name. I thought it was very old. I didn’t think a town would be named Wesley or a church. But here is the church. And a nice set of photos.

    We had thunderstorms last night and lots of rain and lightening.

    Ram: Oh thats a brilliant and pleasant coincidence Abraham “Wesley” Lincoln …. 😀

  2. john c

    I am interested in the biography of Rev John Breeden who was appointed to this church in 1898 as a missionary of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. Rev Breeden went on to lead reforms in colonial education that enabled the establishment of Laidlaw Memorial in Ketti (Nilgiris) and before that as St George’s Homes in Kodaikanal in 1914. I would be interested to correspond with anyone who has access to biographical notes, photographs, papers, albums or a general interest in adding to the current archive being prepared for that schools’ centenary.

    Ram: Will spread the word on your lookout and possibly forward some contacts, John.

    1. Brian Cox

      I too have an interest in Rev John Breeden, as he married Frances Cox, who was my grandfather’s sister, and hence is on my family tree. In case you have not seen it, check John’s entry in The Methodist Who’s Who of 1912 at:

      and there is a picture of John Breeden, who I believe was known in the family as ‘Jack’, at:

      Hope that helps. Do you have any more information? When and where did he die? And Frances? Did he have a second wife?

      Many thanks!

      Brian Cox

    2. Al Powditch

      I.m also interested in The Rev John Breeden, as he baptised my great uncle at Peramboree Wesleyan Methodist Church in August 1902.
      All of the information on Google refers to the ‘late’ Rev John Breeden, but no date, place or cause is provided.

      If you know of his date and place of his his burial please let me know

      kind regards

  3. john c


    I have contacted Al and helped him with his interest in Rev Breeden.
    Please webmaster, help make the connection to Brian Cox as none of my messages appear to get posted.
    Please contact me on +61419128349
    john c


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